Customer Stickiness For Your Enterprise

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What is Customer Stickiness?

“The degree to which the existing use of a product or service encourages its continued use as opposed to that of a competitor”.-

A little about Enterprise Nurs,a DreamOval product which is an innovation framework that helps enteprises deliver innovative customer-centric services essential to the enterprise in a quicker way.

Now that I’ve defined the two, let me tell you how to drive customer stickiness with Enterprise Nurs with these five simple steps.

1. Learn about your customer

Knowing your customer means, they mean a lot more to you than the transactions they have with your organisation. Helping your organisation continue the conversation after the transaction which you can only do well if you know your customer.

Enterprise Nurs has KYC widgets - Core and Customised. Core widgets come out of the box with Enterprise Nurs. Customised widgets can be integrated to show varying KYC data which is required by the enterprise to learn more about their customers.

2. Customer Complaints.

Customers complain. They’ll always do, but it is not always bad. Customer complaints are like second chances, grab it and redeem yourself. Most organisations have support staff but segregated from the administration of their core system.

Enterprise Nurs’ ESB enables organisations to integrate their support systems. This enables the organisations to continue the converstation started by support staff no matter how segregated the two systems are. Support can tell what services or actions customers have initiated or in the process of completing before calling support and maybe contact customers before they call. This type of preempting from an orgainisation tells its customers that they care.

Enterprise Nurs gives organisations another oppurtunity to redeem themselves through this omini-channel.

3. Extensive monitoring of Customer’s Journey.

Once a customer signs up with your enterprise they are on a journey. A journey from acquisition to rentention. With rich availabiltiy of metrics the customer’s journey can be monitored and evaluated. These metrics provide rich visibility into the the customer’s retention pipeline, this data can be used by marketers to pin point when and where customers can be given more value.

Enterprise Nurs tackles this problem with these two services - Customer Stream and LNS. Customer Stream is a real time activity stream for customers. Enterprise Nurs’ LNS (Live Notification Service) feeds of this stream to send notifications via any channel to the customer or any stakeholder in the customer’s journey with the organisation.

The usage of Enterprise Nurs helps organisations not to be reactive. An enterprise will then be able create more value for its customers, value good enough to retain them.

4. BI Reports

BI tools help in making decisions. Regular analysis from BI tools gives up-to-date information organisations would need. Organisations are able to see trends, notice changes and know when and where to improve the customer retention pipeline to meet the organisation’s target.

Enterprise Nurs provides a self-service report engine where enterprises can do this with no stress. Enterprise Nurs’ ESB unifies data from multiple sources to provide a rich interactive report that can be represented as widgets in the application front-end, emailed reguarly as a PDF or XLS, and oh, with drilldowns. Drilldown data that go steps deeper to show what data points make up the rich interactive display.

5. Adoption

..and YES steps one to four are not rocket science. They can’t be filed under a discovery of the day. They’ve been mentioned over and over again. They’ve been part of your organisation’s annual or quarterly goals for years now.

Most problems associated with creating sticky customers evolves around the technology solutions, processes used and adoption of the two by staff and this is where Enterprise Nurs comes in

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Written on January 23, 2016